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Monday 12th September 1898 Court of Enquiry 38 New Plates 2500 pound Repair

8am Starboard Watch returned off leave
Court of Enquiry assemble on board to enquir einto
the case of us Grounding at Tucopia, no blame
attached to anyone as correct bearing taken, during the
time we laid there our Navigating Officer proper
ly surveyed the place and took true bearing
Gave long leave to Port Watch found out that we had
sustained severe damage to our bottom which
would take at least eight weeks to repair, had to
have 38 plates taken out and new ones replaced
both bilge Heels replaced,on the 16th floated
ship out of the Sutherland Dock into the ????yray
Dock Masts' Ship Building Contractor started the
repairs for 2500 pounds.

This is the last entry in the diary.

Sunday 11th September 1898 HMS Mohawk Parson from Balmain

Usual Sunday Routine, A parson from
Balmain came on board and held divine service on
Quarter Deck Starboard watch on leave

Saturday 10th September 1898 HMS Mohawk Starboard Watch on Leave

Usual routine Starboard Watch on

Friday 9th September 1898 HMS Mohawk Jack the Wallaby makes his last jump

Scraping and cleaning Ships Bottom gave
long leave to starboard Watch, Jack the Wallaby
jumped off the poop to the bottom of the dock
broke one of his hind legs had to destroy him, did
not miss him much, as it was one of the silliest
animals breathing he would jump and never
know or look where he was going too he would
jump over the combsing of the Hatchways and
would look rather surprised when he found
himself on the next deck.

Thursday 8th September 1898 HMS Mohawk Proceeded to Sutherland Dock

Proceeded to Sutherland Dock

Wednesday 7th September 1898 HMS Mohawk Admiral H Pearson Major Cottar

Admiral H. Pearson inspected the
ship marines inspected by Major Cottar in afternoon

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Tuesday 6th September HMS Mohawk Number 5 Buoy Sydney heads

Weighed Anchor in Broken Bay at 6am and carried out
Quarterly Torpedo practice then proceeded out
and carried out remainder of heavy gun practice
for the quarter 1,o clock shaped course for Sydney
Heads 2.30 secured to No 5 buoy

Monday 5th September 1898 HMS Mohawk Anchored Broken Bay

Altered course for Broken Bay dropped target in
afternoon and carried  out 1/2 quarters heavy gun practice
from 6 in B L being as we was so near Sydney Captain
thought he would chance it, did not fire the midship guns
anchored in Broken Bay at 6:15 pm

Sunday 4th September 1898 HMS Mohawk

Weather had cleared up during the night
but we began to fel the change of climate very cold
left off wearing whites, got into Blue Clothing went to
Divisions had Divine Service on the Poop we set Fore & Aft
sail 240 miles from Sydney running the coast down

Saturday 3rd September 1898 HMS Mohawk Fresh coat of paint throughout

Usual routine ship beginning to look
like her former self after the knockings about she
had had, cleaned and painted all Boats and had given
her a fresh coat of paint throughout, weather be-
ginning to get dirty again

Friday 2nd Sptember 1898 HMS Mohawk smooth sea man and arm sloop

Sea very smooth hands man and arm sloop.

Thursday 1st September 1898 HMS Mohawk Dick the Tabby Cat lost at sea

Usual Sea Routine Dick the
Tabby Cat fell overboard in the morning watch sky-
larking with Minnie on the poop and was drowned.

Wednesday 31st August 1898 HMS Mohawk Wether settled Routine as Tuesday

Weather much settled carried out the
same routine & Practice as on Tuesday

Monday 29th August 1898 HMS Mohawk No drills

Weather very rough, could not carry out no Drills on
evolution ordinary Sea Routine

Saturday 27th August 1898 HMS Mohawk Practice with.45 Machine Gun

5 am landed marines for bush skirminishing
also .45 machine gun fired torpedoe at stationery target
ship at anchor. Prepared ship for sea 11am got up anchor
and proceedd to Sydney every one in good spirits. A lot of
the Men Officers as well breaking out with Boils through
the climate and living on Salt Meat and tinned provisions
5 pm dropped target and fired .45 machine guns
fringe firing picked up target and continued on our
course a very heavy sea running causing the ship to
pitch considerable

Tuesday 30th August 1898 HMS Mohawk Independant fired at 1500 yards target

Weather moderating usual sea routine
after evening quarters went to general quarters fired
cannon tube out of 3 pr L H Gunns? Marines Volley &
independant firing with rifle at 1500 yards at target

Sunday 28th August 1898 HMS Mohawk Miserable Night

Very miserable night ship pitching & toss-
ing all over the shop taking very heavy seas night over the
forecastle washing thedecks fore and Aft went to Divisions
read prayers same sort of weather all day day had to ease down
to 6 knots

Friday 26th August 1898 HMS Mohawk Machine Gun Practice Fish for all

Cast off collier Torpedo men away mining and
blowing them up, Man & armed boats fired 500 rounds
from machine gun in Cutter, Torpedo men returned
boats full of fish served enough out for one meal
for each mess throughout the ship.

Thursday 25th August 1898 HMS Mohawk

Carried on coaling Mc Haphy and
party of officers went ashore on a shooting
expedition Torpedo men preparing and firing mines
Marines landed and shot four men for murder 7 oclock fin
ished coaling Mr Woodford Royal Commisiioner dined on board
with Captain Mission ship Southern Cross arrived.

Wednesday 24th August 1898 McHaphy meal on board

Off Gavatu went in and dropped anchor
in 19 fathoms"Mount Afembla?" Steam Collier
there unoading coal which we had demanded at Cairns
11 oclock collier came alongside started to take in 250
tons in a afternoon Bache Ldg Seaman had a basket
of coaling weighing 3 cwt fall out on him which dislo-
cated his knee cap 6 pm stopped coaling for
night Mc Haphy dined on board with Ward Room

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Tuesday 23rd August 1898 HMS Mohawk

Weather duty isghted the southern
Islands of the Solomons 12 o clock passing between St Chris
? &  Guadalcanal 5 o clock sighted the Florida
Group, 6pm had to ease down to dead slow as we
found it was hanging all over the land rain had been falling
all day.

Monday 22nd August 1898 HMS Mohawk Usual Sea Routine

Usual Sea Routine put ship on to try and
get in on Tuesday

Sunday 21st August 1898 HMS Mohawk Splendid weather Church on the Poop

7 am sighted land 10 oclock passed the
island of Vanikara usual Sunday Routine splendid we-
ther held church on the poop

Saturday 20th August 1898 HMS Mohawk Diver Jack Morris gets bends?

Divers went away about cable 12 oclock came back
with a 1/2 shackle having weighe d it with cutter went back
and brought the other half shacklehad dinner, afternoon divers
went away topick up remaining cable about 1 1/2 shackles
remainder of hands preparing ship for sea 6.00 divers
came back couldnot get the remaining cable as it
was very fould of the rocks below and impossible
to get it clear, hoisted all boats and securedthem
for Sea, got up anchor and proceed to Gavatu, one
of the Divers Jack Morris chief Carpenters Mate came
over very bad allof a sudden, he had severly strained him
self when down 24 fathoms he was in dreadful
agony had him screened off on the Aft Deck
had a sentry watching him all night.

Friday 19th August 1898 HMS Mohawk cable ready but waits till morning

Proceeded in shore and picked up anchorage
sent divers away to pick up cable, as that was a
al that was required now, the other gear was given up
for good, raining heavily all day 6 pm divers returned
like drowned rats reported everything satisfactory for
getting up the cable, but the captain made up his mind
that h would not try for the cable till the morning.

Thursday 18th August 1898 HMS Mohawk

Diving party went away to examine the an-
chor they reported by signal, thatthe 4 1/2 inch hawser
had been parted by the explosion, but there was a lot of coral
rock over the anchor 1 pm divers came on board and
rported everything ready 2pm weighed anchor and
got everything ready for picking up th elost anchor again
but owing to the wind suddenly shifting to the Westward
the Captain belayed everything. 4.3-0 Captain decided to
chance it and if there was much trouble to give it up
altogether, and proceed back to Gavatu, we steamed
slowly over to the anchor, had a little trouble at
first at the wind would keep blowing her head round
as we was shackling on the chain at last we managed
to get everything ready and we started pulling haul
ley gain and after a decent spell of this we had the
gratification of seeing the anchor show itself above
water again, but the way the 3 1/2 in hawser
was coiled round about it was something marvel
ous, it would simply had been impossible for anyone
to have done it by hand, it looked as if the anchor had
been placed in a Wire Spud? net, we hoisted it right
up to the Cat Davit, then proceeded out to sea and re-
mained outside all night as it was too risky to at-
tempt to get our anchorage in the dark as there
was no land marks to go by, it was passed 10pm

before we had got the anchor properly secured, we left
everything as it was stood by hammocks then served out
optional cocoa.

Wednesday 17th August 1898 HMS Mohawk Divers, Torpedo Men & Curious Fish

Divers & Torpedo men getting things ready
to blow up the wire with 16 1/4 lbs charge of gun cotton 1pm left the
ship with Electric battery & Gun Cotton charge, divers went
down and palced the charge, whent he divers came to the
surface and everything ready they cleared away from the
spot and the charge was exploded, by pressing the Button
of the Firing key, there was a  good many fish brought to the
top by the concussion, some of them was very curious indeed,
but was rather soft and watery when cooked, divers and party return
ed to ship.

Tuesday 16th August 1898 HMS Mohawk Divers report on lost anchor

Divers went away diving in 23 1/2 fathoms clearing
the anchor of steel hawsers, ready for another try, divers
returned and reported everything clear excepting the
hawser which was round the fluke which they would
have to blow up

Monday 15th August 1898 HMS Mohawk Lost anchor gives slip again with breaking link

Divers went away and got anchor ready
for coming up 1pm weighed anchor and proceeded
to the spot were lost anchor was, got over the anchor
and proceeded to take in Wire Hawser from steam
Cutter just as we picked up the hawsers there was
a puff of wind came which blew our stern round
very near to the reef on which we grounded the

Captain had to move the ship astern which caused a strain
to come on the hawsers which up set the the stern cutter
throwoing all the men that was in her in t he water
Barton Able Seaman very nearly lost the number of his mess
by being struck on the head with something half dozen men
jumped over from the forecastle when he was up the
point of sinking he was quite insensible when when brought on
board, steam cutter was all right as her air boxes kept her afloat
they only had to bale her out, as her engines and boiler had been
taken out, so as to make her more useful, we then carried
on getting up the anchor, we had shackled the ground & flat?
chains together and the end of them was shackled to the
ring of the anchor by the divers, we then manned the cat fathll?
and proceeded to hoist the 4 1/2 inch steel  hawser which we had
lost was foul of the fluke of the anchor and that besides
it was foul of the coral below, which made it very heavy
work, we continued to haul on the Cat Hall till we had got
the anchor with the crown just above water, was just on the
point of shackling on the last pendant to the balance when
a link in the chain that was shackled on the tothe anchor parted
and down went the anchor & all hopes tothe bottom again
this time in 23 1/2 fathoms of water taking wit it a 3 1/2 inch

steel hawser, we the dropped a mrk buoy overboard, and went
back to our anchorage, everyone thoroughly disheartened,
as it meant all that work thrown away for nothing and was
I had a great deal of pulley Hauley that day,
I turned in my hammock thoroughly tired out, but luckier than
a good many as I had a stiff glass of grog for a night cap

Sunday 14th August 1898 HMS Mohawk Sunday Routine weather now calm

Wind completely gone the sea as smooth as
glass, exactly opposite to the day  before, carried out Sun-
day routine held Church on Quarter Deck

Saturday 13th August 1898 HMS Mohawk Very rough no diving

Weather very rough & squally too dan
gerous to carry on diving went to fire quarters usual
Saturday routine.

Friday 12th August 1898 HMS Mohawk Divers clear lost anchor

6.30am Divers and boats went diving raining
very heavily 6pm divers returned having been clearing
the lost anchor of cable, had unshackled the cable from
the anchor, ship was getting fairly smothered with arge
bunches of bananas & Baskets of ma//y apples which
they had got  hung along the rig ropes and up and down the
foremast rigging.

Thursday 11th August 1898 HMS Mohawk Divers recover 2nd Cutter

Divers and boats  away diving 1 0 clock divers returned
to the ship bringing the lost cutter with them, found a lot
of small fittings belonging to the pump & dress in the boat
owing to the depth of the water the divers found it very long
job as they could not remain long down on account of the
pressure of water, it took 1/4 of hour to get down, Captain
was very pleased witht he way the Divers was doing their
work them fell in aft and spoke to them about the dif
ficult work entrusted to them, he gave them the priviledge
of getting whatever they liked from his steward in the
way of eatable during the time they was diving, hoisted the
cutter up to the davits turned her in and then piped down
for remainder of day.

Wednesday 10th August 1898 HMS Mohawk

6:30am  1st cutter & Steam Pinnace (engines laden with boiler & ?)
with diving party went away diving 10 am divers recovered
Diving Pump and Helmet with all weights, but could not find
nothing of the Dress 6pm divers returned to ship and re
ported that they had got 2nd Cutter all ready for coming up
they had found her in 20 1/2 fathoms of water.

Tuesday 9th August 1898 HMS Mohawk

6.00 sighted the Island of Tucopia owing to
it being very high land could see in a long  way off, arrived
12 o'clock stopped engines sent boats away sounding topick
up decent anchorage 1st cutter went away with Divers toplace
where we had gone ashore, 2 00 let go starboard anchor in
14 fathoms 6pm divers returned and reported having found
the position of all the gear with the water glass, the natives
seemed very pleased to see us back so soon, but they
did not want us to stop on shore or to land any mission
aries, The Union Jack was flying when we steamed into
harbour we had left in charge of an intelligent Native
called Laurie with instructions to haul it down when we left
but to hoist it at once when any ship appeared in sight
the old Chief of the Island will have nothing to do with us
whatsoever, they are avery peaceful race indeed dont know
what it is to quarrel or steal from one another and unlike
the natives of other Islands, have no weapons of war only a very
heavy club, which they use for killing sharks, the blue jackets
get the native sin a buch forward on the forecastle and

with presents of Biscuits & tobacco , they get them to sing their
native songs and perfomr the dances, the motion and actions
of their heads & arms would make a cat laugh, but on the
whole it is rather striking and they hav e got a touch of music
with it, not so the Natives of Santa Cruz who are very

Monday 8th August 1898 MS Mohawk

At sea 9.30 went to general quarters fired
cannon tube out of Sarboard 3 pdr? ? I/2 quarters.
ammunition out of Port 3 pndr ?? Guns, thought it was not
advisable to fired heavy guns on account of damaged bottom
4 pm passed Russel Group of Islands 6pm passed close
alongside Utuputa the Island we rescued Bob from.

Sunday 7th August 1898 HMS Mohawk

Some machinery beloning to Port Engine
went wrong kept on our course with starboard engines
only 1 o'clock machinery repaired proceeded to ?

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Saturday 6th July 1898 HMS Mohawk Usual Saturday Routine

Usual Saturday Routine Fire Quarters Ete

Friday 5th July 1898 HMS Mohawk 7pndr Bush Skirmishing sail for Tucopia

5.30am All Marines from both ships landed with 7 pndr
field gun for bush skirmishing returned on board 8 o'clock
10 oclock got up anchor proceed on to Tucopia leaving
H.M.S. Goldfinch in harbour.

Thursday 4th August 1898 HMS Mohawk Cricket with marines of HMS Goldfinch 180 tons of coal.

Carrie don Coaling, in afternoon went on shore &
played a friendly game of cricket with the marines of H.M.S
Goldfinch in a coca nut plantation great sport resulted in
a win to Goldfinch by nine runs 6 pm finished coaling took
in 180 tons commenced washing down and rigging stage for
entertainment 8 oclock our friends from Goldfinch came
on board to supper after which we had entertainment on
the quarter deck, everything went off well indeed
finished up 10 pm.

Wednesday 3rd August 1898 HMS Mohawk Supper on HMS Goldfinch.

Commenced coaling H.M.S. Goldfinch
came in Harbour from Elgi reported everything quiet
in the evening they gave an entertainment and invited our ships
company to supper which was greatly appreciated.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Tuesday 2nd August

General Quarters Ste?in forenoon sighted
Florida Group and came to anchor off Island of Gavatu
in 17 1/2 fathoms Royal Commissioner Mr Woodford came on
board and reported that the chief we had captured sent
on to him by the H.M.S. Goldfinch was recognised as a
notorious character by some Natives of Tulago, he had
got him on shore in Irons waiting execution

Monday 1st August 1898 HMS Mohawk Usual Drills

Class for Instructions usual drill
speed 6 ' 8 knots