Thursday, 8 August 2013

Monday 12th September 1898 Court of Enquiry 38 New Plates 2500 pound Repair

8am Starboard Watch returned off leave
Court of Enquiry assemble on board to enquir einto
the case of us Grounding at Tucopia, no blame
attached to anyone as correct bearing taken, during the
time we laid there our Navigating Officer proper
ly surveyed the place and took true bearing
Gave long leave to Port Watch found out that we had
sustained severe damage to our bottom which
would take at least eight weeks to repair, had to
have 38 plates taken out and new ones replaced
both bilge Heels replaced,on the 16th floated
ship out of the Sutherland Dock into the ????yray
Dock Masts' Ship Building Contractor started the
repairs for 2500 pounds.

This is the last entry in the diary.

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