Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Thursday 11th August 1898 HMS Mohawk Divers recover 2nd Cutter

Divers and boats  away diving 1 0 clock divers returned
to the ship bringing the lost cutter with them, found a lot
of small fittings belonging to the pump & dress in the boat
owing to the depth of the water the divers found it very long
job as they could not remain long down on account of the
pressure of water, it took 1/4 of hour to get down, Captain
was very pleased witht he way the Divers was doing their
work them fell in aft and spoke to them about the dif
ficult work entrusted to them, he gave them the priviledge
of getting whatever they liked from his steward in the
way of eatable during the time they was diving, hoisted the
cutter up to the davits turned her in and then piped down
for remainder of day.

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