Thursday, 16 May 2013

Friday May 20th 1898 HMS Mohawk

At six am an armed party went on shore and
hoisted the Union Jack on the Island of LomLom
after dinner another  party went away and annex-
ed an Island a few miles away called  Nifiloli
we then had to shift our anchorage on account of the
Tide running out very low and leaving us in Shallow
Water and almost swinging on to a coral reef, but
after a little trouble we let go both anchors and moor-

ed ship, in the evening a party went away with some Gun
cotton and a battery to blow up fish, but was not very suc-
cessful, Our Officers went away in parties to different Islands
to try their hands at a little shooting, they managed to bag
a good many pigeons, the bush appearing to be full of them
The pigeons here are twice the size of our common Blue Rock at
home we fired a salute of 21 guns which had agreat effect
on the Natives.

From Wikipedia showing Lom Lom & Nifiloli Islands
Also showing Mohawk Bay and Pigeon Island.

I have found a website with wonderful pictures form the Reef islands

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