Thursday, 30 May 2013

Thursday 9th June 1898 HMS Mohawk Counting losses and damage

Divers down bout Bower Anchor Accident oc-
urred which resulted n the lost of our largest boat, diving
pump and all the diving apparatus, it happened in this way
out cutter with diving pump and all the gear lay directly over the
Anchor, the diver went down taking a stout hemp hawser with
him he made it fast  round the cable, the men in the cutter took
the weight of a bight of cable to clear a rock of which it was foul of
a 4 in wire hawser had been shackled on to the cable from the ship
which was round our steam Capstan ready for heaving
in, when everything was got ready they was going to cut the
hemp that was from the cut so that the cable would clear
itself when let go as it was resting on the ledge of the rock, In
the meantime the hands came on board for their Stand Easy
whilst they was on board the ship started  to swing around
towards shore, the Captain seeing this and forgetting all
about the wire Hawser hanging form our bows went
astern with both Engines, which taughtened the Wire
Hawser hauled on the cable causing that to slip off the
Rock the hemp hawser being fast to the cutters

stern took her down with diving pump and all the gear in her,
lucky job that no-one was in the boat at the time, as they would have
gone down too, as nothing could have been done to save them, the
Captain then gave up all hopes of recovering the the gear and thought
it was time to clear out, so they slipped the wire hawser  and
proceeded to sea, since arriving at at Tucopia the following
losses and damages had happened to us, Running the Ship
on Shore damaging her bottom causing her to leak badly
lost port Bow anchor 4 & 6 inc h wire Hawser ten oared
cutter diving pump and gear complete 2 1/2 inch shackles
of cable Blacksmiths Anvil 4 sounding leads broke two gripping
spars and knocked a large hole in the 2nd Gig during the???
had very rough weather set in, shaped course for Duff Group.

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