Monday, 20 May 2013

Sunday May 22nd 1898 HMS Mohawk specimens of the Flying Fox

We carried on Usual Sunday Routine
after Church our officers went on a shooting expedition
they came back just before sunset with a very good bag
which wa shared out amongst the ships company, they
brought back with them half dozen very good specimen
of the flying fox, which I had never heard talk of before
they were just like a very large bat, but the body resemble
that of a fox, when flying in the air they look like a
crow, but fly more steady and the spread of the wings
are much broader, they live in th etops of tree, and the
food consist of young leaves and fruit, the natives use
the large wing bone as a needle having a hole through
the thickest end, through which they pass the native
made thread so that it act as a eye.

Flying Fox

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